The design of the 6 Hi Mill is a joint effort of Hero Steels Limited and MECON. Main features of the Mill are:

  • Level-2 Automation and Man Machine Interface provided by Ansaldo Micro Systems, Italy
  • Fully flat shape of CRCA sheets through shift able Intermediate Roll (IMR)
  • Reduced edge drop through shift able IMR and bending force
  • Better grain structure due to higher reduction
  • Thickness close to nominal through Auto Gauge Control (AGC)
  • Uniform properties of the total coil length through elongation control during skin pass
  • Speed of 800 meters per minute
  • Better Shape control through bridle arrangement



Annealing is a process of heating, soaking and controlled cooling of coil in a non-oxidizing atmosphere. Metallurgically, the annealing process relieves the stresses developed by Cold Rolling and renders the strip soft and restores its ductility and formability.

Hydrogen annealing furnaces use 100% hydrogen atmosphere, resulting in a clean and bright surface of the strip. The automated feature of furnaces at Hero Steels helps to maintain accuracy in operation so as to deliver consistent quality

Lab Facilities

Lab Facilities

Research & Development 

•Possess a fully equipped research laboratory with all the latest equipment.

•Innovations and refining of processes is a major strength.

•Measure the hardness as part of quality control procedures. These tests are quick to perform, relatively cheap and often non-destructive to the components being evaluated.

• Tube bend test without showing any signs of fracture or failure.

Testing Facilities & Inspection Standard

Testing Facilities & Inspection Standard

At Hero Steels, quality is given utmost importance. From the very first stage of raw material receipt till the time of delivery to customer, the product undergoes stringent quality checks. 
Besides the numerous quality assurance measures during the manufacturing process and at various inspection points, the following facilities are also utilized for ensuring stringent quality standards. 

Universal Testing Machines (Digital)

For testing of Mechanical Properties of Tubes

Hardness Tester

For Checking Hardness of Strips & Tubes

Bending Machine

For Tube Bend Test


For Checking Chemical Composition of CRC & Tube